To Unify People with the Power of Peace

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Our Story

Welcome to Peace Revolution, an awareness brand and lifestyle that celebrates like-minded people who inspire humanity to make a positive difference and contribution to the world. Through acts of giving, Peace Revolution will help restore the interaction in the communities we live in, encourage the vital relationships between family and friends, and support those whose efforts take ownership to respect the planet. 

Our Vision

After the current climate of being divided, we now face challenges in new ways of thinking and being together.  The reset button no longer exists.  The currency of compassion and kindness stands before us to transform uncertainty into receptivity.  It’s time again to cross the street to meet your neighbor, to lend a hand to an unknown stalled motorist, to listen to a friend whose troubles dominate their life, to respectfully march in the streets for a cause that protects our environment, or to motivate a family member to fulfill a long-awaited dream.


Peace Revolution is the awareness to give in small ways, which ultimately lead to breakthroughs for others and yourself.


What's Next?

As a new year turns the page, the time to inspire each other is now. The time to move forward together is now. With peace of mind comes the pathway to activate these benefits of change.  If you believe you want to make a difference in your life-- in someone else's life-- and in the world, join us.  Peace Revolution. 


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