Behind The Sign

I believe I was born a peacemaker.  Perhaps it came from a past life, and I am now living that manifestation.  All I do know is I have been in constant reach for a platform to express myself with and to bring people together in positivity.  It finally arrived as a calm uprising: the emergence of the Peace Revolution sign.


I feel that people identify with signs; they are the hieroglyphics of history, and aid in our evolution and mythical timeline.  I grew up with the original peace sign—still universally recognized in 2021— designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, and created from the threat of nuclear annihilation in British anti-nuclear activism.  This sign has influenced multi-generations and has certainly inspired me to design my interpretation of a peace sign. 


The Peace Revolution sign prides itself as being an uplifting image of a male, female, and child rejoicing in human connectivity as the driving force to unity.  From this unconditional bond, the dance around the pillar of peace celebrates freedom, conveyed by outstretched arms and linked hands to each other. The trio’s faceless features and unobstructed  vision look beyond character judgements and openly welcomes gender equality in creed, color, and individuality.


The sign’s circle embodies the sun, shining light from the heart of peace; the outside two lines that complete the circle represent the sun’s reflection setting on the ocean with peace at the horizon. One unique subtle illusion of the design is the movement of all three people coming at you yet moving away from you at the same time. The overall expression and offering is love and unity born from the soul of peace.  Peace Revolution.  A sign of the times…

About David

Welcome, I’m David Catrambone, founder of Peace Revolution. Conceived in 1989, Peace Revolution took its time to grow up and become whole, and I feel like there is no better moment than now to finally have found its voice and purpose.  As an awareness brand, Peace Revolution empowers the unity of people through peace, love, and respect.  It is a lifestyle that encourages a better way of living and communicating with one another.  With this awareness, I believe we can change lives and enhance relationships of all kinds.


Being a true Southern Californian at heart, my Los Angeles upbringing influenced my interests in all the arts, entertainment, and social activism. And over the decades, I've worn many hats and played multiple roles along the way: mosaic artist, magazine publisher (IFF-international film festival magazine), writer, producer, poet, songwriter, musician and author (Don't Scratch The Diamond).  Each project and passion has led me down the path of creativity in my search for a new symbol that captures peace, a renewed mission that supports peace advocacy, and the cultural dynamics that embrace the revolution.


Peace Revolution has indeed been an exhilarating and cathartic adventure. After having contacted Covid-19 in 2020 and being physically and mentally challenged by its blindsided after effects, I felt compelled to restore myself and realign once again to humanity.  So with a renewed peace of mind, I openly share and humbly offer to you, Peace Revolution.

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